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Monica Toscano

MONICA TOSCANO is psychanalyste and specialized in adolescence. She is a member of the Psychanalytique Internationale Association (API) and a titular member of the Argentine Psychanalytique Association (APA). Elle a present des conférences lors de divers congrès internationaux.

She created the method of MONICA TOSCANO PREVENTION IN ACT®, and found in Paris l’École Internationale Méthode internationale MONICA TOSCANO PREVENTION IN ACT®.

In June 2009, it was awarded the Prix Citoyen Européen by the Forum Europe 2001 to compensate her costume and recherches from her in the matter of prévention de l'intimidation pendant l ’emphasis and adolescence.

The main objective of the work of her is to promote the development of an international conference of prevention for the response to situations at risk that live the jeunes au quotidien liés à la violence scolaire.

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Monica Toscano Prevention In Act ® method for preventing bullying

Who we are

With the fundamental purpose of “educating for prevention in childhood and adolescence”, we created in 2011, in Paris, our Institution: The MONICA TOSCANO PREVENTION IN ACT® International School, with the aim of establishing an international network prevention of bullying or bullying.

It is constituted as an interdisciplinary institution, at the initiative of Monica Toscano, graduated in psychology, specialist in psychoanalysis and creator of the MONICA TOSCANO PREVENTION IN ACT® Method. Under her direction and supervision, a group of professionals from different areas works with the purpose of investigating and analyzing a daily scourge such as violence in adolescents, with a view to finding ways to prevent it.

Said research and instrumentation has begun to be developed in April 2000, through workshops, seminars and training courses for directors, teachers, parents and students in different educational institutions in Buenos Aires.

In Barcelona the method is implemented with children, puberty and adolescents in different educational institutions. Directors, teachers and educators are trained and supervised for the application of this method, providing answers to questions such as what to do and how to act in the face of bullying. The training courses have been recognized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

As of 2008, prevention tools of the Monica Toscano Prevention in Act method and the results of her research work with children and adolescents have been transmitted to directors, teachers and educators in Paris, among others, within the framework of the Rectorate of the Academy of Paris .

In 2011, this research work was extended to educational institutions in Düsserldorf- Germany.

From here, then, we undertake together the task of a true awareness on the path of preventing bullying, thus trying to create a national and international support network for children and adolescents.

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