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bullying specialist

Monica Toscano

MONICA TOSCANO, psychoanalyst and specialist in adolescence. She is a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) and a full member of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association (APA). Lecturer at different international congresses.


She establishes the MONICA TOSCANO PREVENTION IN ACT® International School in Paris.

Currently, in addition to continuing with his clinical practice, treatment and supervision of adolescent patients, he is dedicated to research and training, in the field of prevention of school bullying and bullying, through workshops and seminars for directors, teachers, parents and students in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Düsseldorf.

She received, in November 1985, the International Clinical Prize for her work Structure and Aids, awarded by the Freudian Foundation of New York.

She received, in June 2009, the European Citizen Award, awarded by the 2001 Europe Forum, for her career and for her research in the area of ​​prevention during childhood and adolescence.

The main objective of her work is to continue with the development of an international prevention network, as a response to the risk situations experienced by young people who suffer from bullying.

International lectures

The presentations given by MONICA TOSCANO PREVENTION IN ACT® INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL include the following:

     Monceau bilingual international school. 23/2/2017. Paris, France.

Modern School, October 2016. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Grilli educational project. April 2016. Buenos Aires, Argentina

      Modern School, April 2016. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lycée Français, Düsseldorf. February 2016.  Düsseldorf, Germany

St Paul’s School. 2016. Barcelona, Spain.

Monceau bilingual international school. November 2015. Paris, France.

Grilli educational project. April 2015. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jean Mermoz Franco-Argentinian School. October 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Grilli educational project. April 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina

26/6/2013. Barcelona, Spain.

City Hall, Paris. School Affairs Office.

16/11/2012 and 1/3/2013. Paris, France.

Argentinian Embassy in France. 28/11/2012 Paris, France.

Rectorate of the Academy of Paris. 19/10/2011 Paris, France.

Rectorate of the Academy of Paris.  20/10/2010 Paris, France.

City Hall, Paris. Childhood and Health Social Action Office.  4/2/2010 Paris, France.

University of Barcelona.  29/5/2008. Barcelona. Spain.

Collège St Hélène. 6/2/2008. Lyon, France.

Gerbert d'Orlhac Primary School. December 2007. San Cugat del Vallès, Spain.

St. Andrew's Scots School. August 2006. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

St. Paul’s School. 19/1/2006 Barcelona, Spain.

Rosa Sensat Teachers Association. July 2006, July 2005 and July 2004. Barcelona, Spain.

University of Barcelona. 22/11/2004. Barcelona, Spain.

St. Andrew’s Scots School 11/08/04, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

31/10/2003. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate (ESSARP) 2/24/2002 and 5/8/2002. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

21/2/2002. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

21/2/2001. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Monica Toscano's adolescence, prevention of bullying in adolescents
Monica Toscano Adolescence: Act before the events happen. Theoretical-practical parameters I of the MONICA TOSCANO PREVENTION IN ACT® method. Ed. Revised and updated. Barcelona, Maximum Prevention S.L., 2012.
From childhood to adolescence by Monica Toscano, prevention of bullying in adolescents
Monica Toscano From childhood to adolescence: Theoretical-practical parameters II of the MONICA TOSCANO PREVENTION IN ACT® method. Barcelona, Maximum Prevention S.L., 2011.

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